The guiding principle of the Bühnen Graz

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What are we working for?


What are our contributions?

We are the foundation for that one moment. We set clear strategies, frameworks, and structures for the diversity of the Bühnen Graz to give creativity the space and long-term stability it needs. We connect our companies and strengthen internal synergies.
Together we create moving and resonant worlds and open our stage-curtains to enable touching, unique and memorable collective experiences in the here and now.
We stand for a variety of artistic styles and perspectives in theatre and focus on Austrian authors as well as the rediscovery of texts to expand the canon.
Our utopia: space for imagination.
That’s why we make professional and contemporary theatre for children, young adults, and families.
We support live experiences around the stage event. With our administrative and creative services, we aspire to make every stage shine and transform performances into unforgettable experiences.
In this way, we give art its space and space its form.
We create live experiences for people in front of, on and behind the stages. For that one moment.

The principles that guide us?

1 | We the Bühnen Graz have set ourselves the goal of being a place of inspiration and artistic diversity combining tradition and innovation within our companies – Oper Graz, Schauspielhaus Graz, Next Liberty, Grazer Spielstätten and Theaterservice.
2 | We strive to inspire our audience. To this end, we utilise our expertise in all areas of our work. Be it art, our technical departments, or our administration.
3 | We facilitate broad social participation, co-operate with other institutions, and interest groups and carry out cultural mediation and educational work.
4 | We operate responsibly with the resources made available to us and are committed to a sustainable and energy-efficient behaviour. We regularly evaluate our products and services and develop new ideas and concepts on this basis.
5 | We emphasise clear communication and stand for transparent goals. We cultivate a culture of conscientious leadership, personal responsibility, and appreciative and respectful cooperation.
6 | We promote personal and professional development and leave room for mistakes and further development. We are mindful of the mental and physical health of our employees. Promoting diversity, inclusion and equality is of great importance to us.
7 | We create a sense of community and unity and celebrate the successes we achieve as a team.